About the Council


Our vision centres on leading a community that is making Stroud district a better place to live, work and visit for everyone. Our Corporate Delivery Plan sets out how this will be achieved, with everything we do focused around five key priorities:

ECONOMY: We are committed to helping create a sustainable and vibrant economy that works for all.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING: We will continue to provide affordable, energy-efficient homes for our diverse and changing population.

ENVIRONMENT: We are dedicated to helping the community minimise its carbon footprint, adapt to climate change and recycle more.

HEALTH AND WELL BEING: We will continue to promote the health and wellbeing of our communities and work with others to deliver the public health agenda.

DELIVERY: We pride ourselves on providing value-for-money to our taxpayers and high-quality services to our customers.

Our commitment to excellent service delivery and highly successful partnership working mean we continue to hit record levels of resident and business satisfaction, well above the national average.

We are innovative and ambitious, and our successful regeneration projects have seen us leading the way on high standard social housing, recycling and brownfield development. We were also one of only four successful bids in the latest Heritage Lottery Fund for our canal restoration project.



Having signed-up to a four-year grant settlement offered by the Government, in 2019 we will be the first authority in Gloucestershire to lose all revenue support grant. At that point we will effectively become a ‘self-financing’ council, with the bulk of our revenue coming from council tax and business rates.

This is no small undertaking, yet our commitment to providing high-quality services and an excellent standard of living to our residents is undimmed. Through careful restructuring, innovation and shrewd financial management, we have returned a surplus for three consecutive years whilst continuing to deliver on the priority areas of our Council Vision.



Stroud District Council is led by a cooperative alliance of the Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat parties.

There are 51 councillors: 22 Conservative, 17 Labour, 9 Green, 2 Liberal Democrat and 1 Conservative (No Group).